Travel your beat


Did you know that your taste in music could reflect your style and personality? Read on to find out what your favourite genre of music says about who you are. Plus, discover the perfect American Tourister case to show off your unique personality and help you get more out of your travels!

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Whether it’s the beats or the lyrics or simply the bling, there’s so much to love about hip hop. So what does being a hip hop fan say about you? You’re more likely to be bold and outgoing. Socialising and partying come naturally to you. You’ve probably got high self-esteem and are not afraid to flaunt it if you’ve got it.

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Your American Tourister:

This collection comes in an array of eye-catching colours that will stand out on any street and in any scene.

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Mambo is filled with exciting energy. It’s vivacious, flirty and, most of all, great fun. As a fan of mambo music, you’re probably equally fun-loving. You’re also carefree and prefer to focus your attention and energy on the present rather than worrying about the future.

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Your American Tourister:

This collection has a timeless design and is fitted with everything you need to worry less and enjoy more when you travel.

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Blending the energy of electronic music with the melodies of pop, electropop is danceable, hummable and irresistible. If you’re into that, you’re likely to be generally upbeat and sociable, exuberant and unafraid to express yourself. Oh, and you always have an eye out for fun.

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Your American Tourister:

This collection is all about giving you easy access to everything you need on your travels. Perfect for when you just want to get out there and enjoy yourself.

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Is it chills or euphoria? Nothing can quite describe the feeling you get when the bass drops. On the flip side, getting lost in the free-flowing beats can also have an oddly calming and relaxing effect. No matter why you enjoy dubstep, you could be more reflective and creative. Curiosity is also one of your strong traits which makes you more open to new experiences and meeting new people.

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Your American Tourister:

This collection combines an organic form with a rhythmic tiled pattern. On the inside, it’s filled with innovations for better organization so you can start exploring your destination in a beat.

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